We are committed to providing solutions that positively impact your profitability.

What We Do

WhatWeDoAt Diverse Business Consulting we provide our clients with the tools to help market their business more effectively. Our experts are equipped with the skills necessary to give you a comprehensive picture of where your business stands financially and competitively. Our analysis includes a complete study of your company’s specific processes as well as financial and personnel issues that can impact your bottom line.

Our recommendations will reveal opportunities that will enhance your efficiency in the market place. We take the time to get to know you and your customers. Our customizable business models allow us to provide you with an unparalleled level of insight into your unique situation. We pride ourselves on our ability to zero in on your company’s distinctive qualities and capitalize on them. Our marketing strategies will put you ahead of the pack.

We apply the most effective qualitative and quantitative research methods to the study of your business. Our survey solutions allow us to design studies that will provide you with the information and feedback that you need to make positive changes and also recognize what you are doing right. At Diverse Business Consulting we believe in surrounding our clients with loyal employees who are able to think outside the box and offer solutions that will have lasting impacts on your growth and competitiveness.

That is why staffing is one of our core competencies. Our Human Performance solutions include ergonomic studies and human factors analysis that will show you how to build an environment that will fit the person to the job. We will also conduct an analysis of your recruiting and staffing practices that will allow us to identify the areas that are critical to attracting, training, and retaining the highest quality employees.

Our new employee orientation program that we develop for you will train your technically-educated employees to see how their job impacts your bottom line. Equipping your engineers, administrative personnel, production personnel, and staffing personnel with this awareness will empower your team to recognize opportunities and effect of every decision that they make. After our team of experts has studied your processes, analyzed your current competitive and financial posture, observed your organizational climate, interviewed and surveyed your clients and employees; we will develop a business model to specifically address and correct inefficiencies and provide you with a “Way Ahead” Report that will show you where the market growth is headed and where you should position yourself before the market reaches the point of saturation.

We specialize in providing our clients with solutions that will positively impact profitability. Diverse Business Consulting has extensive experience in the areas of Manufacturing Systems, Operations Research, Business Strategy & Analysis, Sales & Marketing, and Human Resource Management including employee evaluation, selection, and retention. We bring the skills that will allow you to gain a complete understanding of your situation. We focus on the following areas:

Business Solutions

  • Business Surveys
  • Quantitative Business Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Program Management

Marketing Solutions

  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Analysis

Human Solutions

  • Human Performance Surveys
  • Human Factors Analysis
  • Recruiting, Staffing & Placement
  • On-Site Professional Training & Development