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Who We Are

MeetingDiverse Business Consulting (DBC) was established in 1996 and has over 11 years of industry experience. We are a minority-owned, veteran-owned organization based in Germantown, Tennessee.

Our core staff, combined with our vast network of contract subject matter experts allow us to offer solutions over a broad spectrum of technical business areas. We have the solution for you.

Our Founder
DBC was founded by Kelvin W. Richardson. Kelvin holds an MBA and a Masters of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, as well as a Doctorate in Business Administration (Marketing).

He is a technical business consultant specializing in Total Business Analysis. Kelvin’s extensive experience with the government, academia, and global business as both employee and consultant has placed him in a position to provide on-target solutions to a wide spectrum of businesses.

His background in sales, manufacturing, and engineering has enabled him to develop an ingenious perspective and expert approach in the analysis and implementation of effective business solutions. Kelvin’s industry experience has given him exposure to key aspects of the manufacturing and corporate environments, including Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Production, Operations, Finance, Project Management, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Logistics, Forecasting, Qualitative Business Analysis, Quality, Safety, and Industrial Relations. He also has extensive research studies with the U.S. Navy Biodynamics Laboratory, NASA, Human Factors Division as well as a recognized Adjunct Professor for reputable universities.

His network includes alliances that give him access to cutting edge business solutions and emerging markets. Kelvin has committed himself to the study of business processes and has surrounded himself with a team committed to discovering and equipping DBC’s clients with opportunities and solutions.

Professional Affiliations

Member, Institute of Industrial EngineersMember, Human Factors SocietyMember, MBA SocietyAmerican Marketing Association

Representative Publications

Richardson, K. (2015). Examining Human Performance among Abilities and Commitment. Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing

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